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A Tuesday Report: Norfolk, Virginia...

As I mentioned (here), last week I took a little flight to one of my favorite cities: Norfolk, Virginia. The photos above are a little indication of how enjoyable this weekend was for me:

1. On the car ride to the airport I was asked what my least favorite thing about my trip was. At the time I didn't have a very good answer, now I do. My least favorite thing about my trip to Norfolk was the lack of photos I took while in Virginia. This is one of the only pictures I have from the wonderful weekend wedding. These fellas are awesome; two of my favorite Virginians.

2. I snapped this photo right as the plane was taking off from Pensacola. The perfect view of my lovely little city.

3. You can't help but smile when you're around this guy. (I know Zeeshan would agree).

One other thing I loved about this weekend's trip was discovering the band below. Natives to Chesapeake, Bison is folkestral and fantastic. I've instantly fallen in love with their music. 

I hope you've had a terrific Tuesday. Enjoy!



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