Hello, Twenty-Eight...

Last year I admitted that I didn't give my birthday post much thought. This year - as you can see - I missed posting on my birthday altogether. Don't get me wrong, the day was celebrated, but the post is just now being written. Between studying for comps and crewing Riccardo on his latest 100 mile adventure, it's been a challenge to find a few quiet moments to reflect upon all that has happened in the past year. A week and a half past the actual birthday, I've finally had time to think about what I want to say in this post about turning twenty-eight.

As always, I've gone back to read the posts from this day when I turned 232425, 26, and 27. It's so entertaining to look back and read the anticipation of the unknown, now that I know what happens next. But here we are again; not knowing what this next year will hold. Twenty-seven was a year of growth, new beginnings, new perspectives, hellos, goodbyes, and adventures. It was year of new-found independence, redefining the limits, not adhering to the norm, and learning a new depth to love.

I hear that 28 is the"best" year of your twenties. Or so says this buzzfee article - so it must be true...

If twenty-eight is anything like this last year, then let's do this! I'm looking forward to all that lies ahead and enjoying each moment in the moment.

Searching for the perfect song to share with you today, I was at a bit of a loss. I decided instead to share with you a little song I wrote this year and recorded on my ipad one night in my living room while rehearsing with Colin. A testament to twenty-seven. 

As always, I can't think of my birthday without thinking of Mema. She's always been my most favorite of birthday buddies. I'm so thankful I get to share this day with her.

Alright, twenty-eight, here's to all the adventures this next year is sure to bring! Enjoy! 

ps: I've posted a little photo below from my actual birthday. Riccardo ended up winning the 100 mile trail race. It was a challenge, but he did it. We did it. I spent my first day of twenty-eight with my family supporting/cheering on my best friend; in my eyes that is the perfect way to spend any birthday.



To Victoria We Go...

Hi ho, hi ho, to Victoria we go...

whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle whistle....

hi ho, hi ho, hi ho...

After weeks of training, the Victoria half marathon weekend has finally arrived. It's an "off" weekend for Riccardo, which means it's my turn to race. I'm excited to be back at it! Last year's full marathon in Victoria didn't go quite as planned (race report here) but I'm still happy with the result. Here's to hoping for an enjoyable race weekend!

We're coming for you Allen!

And I'll leave you with a little Sleeping at Last. Love the remake of this tune.





Breaking The Radio Silence...

Prague to Milan: Our first ever flight as "First Class" passengers. Row: 1; Seats: A & B

This is the longest I have ever let my blog sit. Just sit. Be idle. Without new photos, stories, or fresh tidbits of information. It's been radio silence for months now.

What have I been doing, you ask? I've been focusing on staying in the moment. Something I've never been very good at. I'm the gal in the room who's always thinking of what is next. Anticipating what's around the corner. Living one month ahead in my calendar. Constantly working towards and worrying about the future. To be completely frank, it is exhausting. It's not to say it's unnecessary (I find planning to be a highly valuable skill), but there has to be balance. And for a while I was a little off-kilter. Maybe just a bit too worried about what I was going to post on the blog next. So this has been nice. So very lovely, in fact. This space has had time to breathe. I've had time to breathe.

But now I'm breaking the silence.

I've decided it's time to post a few photos and provide a little insight into the adventures that have been happening this summer. I truly hope you enjoy.

And if it's another 3 months until I post again, just rest assured that I am well. I am enjoying the company of those around me. And most likely, I'm doing my best to soak in the moment. 

Whilst camping in Iceland sitting beneath the stars at the top of world I was reminded of the Gregory Alan Isakov song below.


 Sibling photo at Austyn's wedding. It's not often that we are all in the same city at the same time. I love that someone was there to capture this rare moment.Women's World Cup USA vs. Nigeria. Mom and Dad's first professional soccer game. Even the Italian was sporting a Team USA shirt ;)Riccardo and I getting ready to start my first trail race in BC. We will definitely be back again!
Playing a show at The Railway Club with Colin Easthope. Vancouver misses having you here, Colin!
Mackaroo meet Riccardo. Riccardo meet Mackaroo. I love everything about this!Knee Knacker.Three mountains, 50 kilometers. Riccardo and John are troopers! Jess and Claire are excellent crew-mates :)Hiking Rainbow Mountain in Whistler. It's hard sometimes to take this man seriously :) Fatdog 120 miler. Riccardo took 4th place :) So proud of this guy for hanging in there despite the hail, torrential rain, and freezing temperatures.Just days after Fatdog we hopped on a plane to start our European adventure.First stop: Czech Republic to see Lucie and Hanza tie the knot :)Next we stayed with Riccardo's folks and explored the sights in Italy.

We topped it all off with a week of camping amongst the waterfalls in Iceland.


Mountain Running and Goal Setting...

Hello again! This past Saturday, Riccardo and I headed for the mountains for a little weekend getaway. A night of camping, a bit of trail work, and a 23.6 mile (38km) alpine run along the Heather Trail did just the trick. It was a challenging but extremely rewarding weekend. Growing up on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, I was always intimidated by the magnitude and mystery of mountains. Flat terrain, paved roads, and "short" distances were my comfort zone. This past weekend I came to realize the beauty in the rugged and undulating miles. Thanks to a couple of awesome ladies who let me join their training run (thanks again Jenn and Miruna), I came to the realization that, "Yeah, I think I could do a 50km." Perhaps after the Victoria MarathonI'll set my sights on my first ultra!

Colin Easthope showed me the Brandi Carlile tune below a few weeks ago. Oh the harmonies (swoon)! I thought it'd be just perfect to share with you.

Happy Friday. Enjoy!


Hello Again...

It's slightly embarrassing how long it's been since I made my last post. Nothing that I can think of has been keeping me any busier than the usual. I guess I just needed a moment away. A moment with less screen-time (although less certainly is a very relative word). A very long moment I suppose. But now I am back. I'm here. I have not disappeared into the ether that is the internet. As I always say (or have been saying since I moved to Canada nearly 2 years ago now) I will try my best to post more photos of the happenings here and there and everywhere I find myself.

I hope this little note finds you with a smile.

The whistled little Sam Tudor tune below has been making me smile for months now. 

Happy weekend! Enjoy!